[OTHERS] MU became a superstar at the first CVPR Industry Expo.

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MU Lego Self-driving Race Car is a superstar at CVPR 2016 Industry Expo.
Most consumers know CES, MWC,WWDC, but fewer people know CVPR.
As one of the most important computer vision conferences, the 29th CVPR ended in Las Vegas on July 1, 2016. This CVPR Industry Expo was held with CVPR for the first time. So CVPR 2016 not only attracted thousands of the top technical talents, but also various industry leaders and startups.

A lot of people don't know CVPR.
But for the engineers in computer vision field, CVPR is a significant professional conference because it has great influence in image recognition, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). (CVPR was organized by the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Its full name is IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.)

Now there are many artificial intelligence products, such as robots, UAV, VR/AR, self-driving cars. These products are all related to computer vision.

Start-ups displayed their latest technologies and products to attract more attention and investments. Large companies used this opportunity to further promote the existing products. They also tried to attract top talents to join the company in order to strengthen the company's technological competitiveness.

In fact, computer vision technology commercialization caused a huge controversy.
There is an example in this CVPR. Justus Thies, a scientist from the University of Nuremberg, Germany published a technical paper on Face2Face. Its real-time facial expression transfer technique can make people hard to tell if a video is true or fake. If it is used improperly, it may cause more trouble.

Now, let's go back to the Morpx's booth. MU brought a big surprise to CVPR, because of its miniaturization of computer vision applications in small toy robots. We hope that MU can bring more vivid and interactive experiences to children and families. Morpx’s intelligent hardware technology is available for developers to achieve more innovative and interesting applications.

MU booth.

Our demos were ready.


Our unique show attracted many visitors.


We had a lot of positive feedback from professionals in computer vision field.

Dr. Lecun came to Morpx’s booth to watch our demos. He said Morpx had done a good job in the applications of embedded artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques.
(Dr.Yann LeCun, who was called as the originator of deep learning, is currently the director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Facebook,)

CVPR Daily, the official media of CVPR by RSIP Vision had an interview with "MU's father” Dr. Tianli Yu.

Morpx was proud to be one of the start-up sponsors for this CVPR.

Also Morpx provided the prizes for the Twelfth IEEE Embedded Vision Workshop (Held in conjunction with IEEE CVPR 2016).

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for their contributions to the image recognition field.
Finally, we gave out the grand prize to the prize-winner. (It is a MU Lego Self-Driving Race Car).


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