[PRODUCT REVIEWS] MU vision sensor trial – a car playing the ball

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During the Chinese New Year, I received the MU vision sensor. At first, I debugged it for a while, spent time in waiting for firmware updates.
Before school started, I built a car which could play the balls. There is so much homework after the school, I just finished writing the MU vision sensor testing report recently.

1. Debugging the MU
MU can receive and send the data through USB directly. It sends out lines of messages to change the detection modes (such as balls, lines, human-mode, etc.) or switch on/off some functions (like motor, serial message) through instructions. Please refer to instruction manuals for specific functions. However, the message cannot display what Mu have seen in an intuitive way, so I wrote a Processing program to show what Mu sees.
Processing matches MU so perfectly. One is good at sending serial data after looking at the figures and the other one is good at receiving serial data and displays the figures.
The connection of MU and Processing is very simple. MU comes with the USB cable to connect to the computer. The Processing program is as follows:
20170304.ino (845 Bytes, Downloads: 7)

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