[PRODUCT REVIEWS] Build your own BB-8 robot (review of MU)

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MU is a camera module that is simple and easy to use. If you want to apply machine vision to practice but your programming skill is so-so or the platform you are using has limited computation capacity, then you shall try MU.

This trial targets to use MU to create a cute and cool BB-8 robot which can identify human’s face, and follow human’s move. Not much to say. Let’s start! (As for how to use MU, genuine guys in the forum have already elaborated, so I won’t repeat here)

1. Build BB-8's body
Due to the limit of time, it is not likely to build a BB-8 with 1 to 1 proportion. Here is the scaled size. The shape of BB-8 is somewhat similar to the snowman, with one big ball and one small hemisphere. In order to make it walk upright, two motors are used in the ball to drive the ball to rotate. It succeeds in walking and differential steering as long as the center of gravity is low enough. On the head with the effect of the use of a steering gear attached to the steering arm in the ball, the top of the steering arm has a magnet, magnetic connection head, as the picture shows.
This is how it looks like inside ball.

The structure is 3D printed, with its shell made with decorative plastic ball. The motor for walking is the DC GEAR MOTOR.

The head is made by 3D printing, as shown in the figure.

Next, paint the ball in yellow and add details.

Finished look.

2. Make the BB-8 drive circuit
The drive motor is purchased and ready to use, and the voice module is a purchased product. The connection of the robot’s head is made by the attraction of two magnets. The steering gear can control the angle of the head pitch, and the rotation of the head is achieved by the left and right rotation of the chassis.

The looking with the head assembled.

3. Test movement capability
Then we write a small control app with AI to test if it can move.

It moves in a clueless manner.
4. Add the visual recognition function  Join the visual recognition function        
Then finally it’s the show time of MU.

MU is placed on the head, with Bluetooth to communicate with the body. Then the head work as the host, and the body part works as the slave. Power supply is a 7.4V lithium battery.

Final Edition.rar (118.6 KB, Downloads: 4)

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